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Investing in budding businesses is not only about financial gains; it is about supporting innovation, fostering economic growth, and making a positive impact on the world. As investors, embracing the potential of startups and young ventures can lead to fulfilling journeys and significant returns on investments. So, take the leap and be a part of shaping the future of business.

Features of our Solution

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High Potential for Returns

Invest in businesses poised for exponential growth and enjoy potential for attractive returns.

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Curated set of deals

Our curated niche deals bring lucrative investment opportunities in diverse industries.

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Access to Private markets

Gain exclusive access to invest in private markets through our platform.

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Comprehensive evaluation

We handle the thorough due diligence for companies, relieving you of worries.

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Forge powerful alliances

We enable you to establish strategic partnerships for mutual growth.

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Custom Financing Structures

We design financing structures that align with mutual goals.

Frequenty Asked


Revenue-based financing focuses on providing capital in exchange for a percentage of future revenue, while traditional equity investments involve buying shares of ownership in a company.

Potential returns on investment in revenue-based financing can be determined by analyzing the projected revenue growth and the agreed-upon revenue share percentage with the borrower.

In revenue-based financing, repayments are structured as a percentage of the borrower's future revenue until a predetermined repayment amount, often including a predetermined multiple of the initial investment, is reached.

In revenue-based financing, the focus is typically on financial returns rather than active involvement in the business. However, the level of involvement may vary depending on the specific agreement and terms negotiated with the borrower.

If a business experiences a decline in revenue with revenue-based financing, the repayments may decrease proportionally, providing some flexibility to accommodate the challenging financial situation.       

Revenue-based financing does not have specific regulations in India.

Yes, it is possible to invest in multiple businesses through revenue-based financing, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio across various companies.

No, we only charge a success fee to companies who raise funds on our platform. If you are an investor, be rest assured there are no hidden/upfront fees that you need to pay.

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